Princess Shyngle says female celebrities don’t marry, but is she?

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Princess Shyngle

We believe Ghana-based Gambian actress Princess Shyngle is well prepared for the table she’s shaking.

After radio personality Kofi Okyere Darko came under immense pressure from a section of female celebrities for describing them as ‘all over the place’, the tinny waisted actress has towed a similar line throwing shots at fellow single celebrities whose business is perhaps to grace various weddings but not get married themselves.

This comes after the actress shared pictures of various male celebrities including Stonebwoy, Trigmatic, John Dumelo, and Sarkodie who got married recently and queried why most female celebrities were never getting married but rather galavanting at various weddings.

“The most gorgeous couples seeing the images of Sark’s wedding online just got me thinking like seriously all the male celebrities are getting married to calm, chill, decent and well mannered no Instagram or social media girls but all the female celebs above 30 almost 40 are all still single and busy galavanting to wedding every weekend like don’t they feel bad no shade though abeg dear future hubby start coming now before I turn 28 abeg. congratulations Sark and Trac”.

Weeks ago, the actress who seems to hold in high esteem the institution of marriage posted saying;

“I Am Not Like This Generation!!!! I still believe in marriage. I still believe in meeting your parents. I still believe in falling in love , and going on dates. I still believe in sticking by your side through thick and thin. This generation will not make me lose sight of that.”

There is a popular saying that “Trouble doesn’t roaming looking for victims but victims looks for trouble” Actress Princess Shyngle has claimed she has received numerous messages from many including death threats.

She posted on her instagram story and we have a screenshot below;

Princess Shyngle

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