Prophet Peter Enters Kennedy Agyapong and Obinim Issues

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Kennedy Agyapong, Obinim, Prophet
Indeed, the recent brouhaha from the camp of NPP firebrand Kennedy Agyapong and Bishop Daniel Obinim has got a lot of people thinking and asking pertinent questions about religion.
The truth is, Following the argument closely, one doesn’t need a rocket scientist to tell him or her that Bishop Obinim as an acclaimed man of God has a lot of question marks which goes a long way to make him FAKE, ceteris paribus.

But in the rightful thinking of Prophet Peter in footage sighted, Kennedy Agyapong rants or better still attacks on unscrupulous men of God in the country will yield no better results – it’ll be synonymous tom Cos90 in Mathematics.

Prophet Peter, however, accepted the fact that there exists an uncountable number of fake men of God in the system, but it’s not prudent for anyone to give them hearing and attention like how Kennedy Agyapong is doing to Obinim.

Watch the short video below for more.

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