Rapper Cabum Accused Of Theft

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Ghanaian rapper, Cabum has been accused by Hakeem, a contestant of the just ended Season 9 of TV3’s Talented Kids for stealing his song.

According to 2Pesewas, a member of the young talent’s management team, they conceived the idea and recorded the track as a masterpiece, “Rap Alphabet” before they heard a similar one from Cabum.

According to zylofonmediaonline, 2Pesewas narrated to Sammy Flex on Showbiz Agenda that;

“We did the song long ago. Hakeem’s first performance of that song was at a concert in January this year….He performed it again at the grand finale of Talented Kids,after which senior brother Cabum applauded him on social media. Upon seeing his post, we made attempts to reach out to him at his studio to show appreciation, but to no avail. Later, we tried contacting him on social media, only to see on Youtube,that he had recorded a song with the same title.”

Meanwhile, Cabum denied all accusations leveled against him by the young rapper. He told Sammy Flex that he got inspiration from American rapper, Papoose to do his version of “Alphabetical Slaughter”. He used the Akan alphabets to create “Rap Alphabets.”

“I got my inspiration from Papoose. I am not the originator of that idea. I only created my version”.

he highlighted.

Rapper Cabum released “Rap Alphabet” exclusively on Zylofon FM’s Showbiz Agenda on May 16. The rap piece involved the use of the Akan alphabets to extol his rap prowess. Meanwhile, Hakeem the Rap Controller employ the English alphabets

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