Rebel Wilson Reveals She Dated 50 People In A Year Before Falling In Love With Ramona Agruma

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42-year-old Rebel Wilson has revealed that she had been in a relationship with 50 people within the span of one year before falling in love with her current girlfriend, Ramona Agruma.

The actress has revealed that she took a whole year to land herself the right romantic partner. Rebel said she had gone on dates with mutual friends as well as people from celebrity dating app Raya.

I think I went out with about 50 people that year, but some of them were like one date and then you’re like, ‘Oh no.’ But I deliberately wanted to push myself and date a whole bunch of people to get that experience.”

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She explained that even though she is aware that her dating methods are not normal, they helped her decide who the right partner was.

It was a fun thing and I don’t think anyone got hurt by it or anything. No one else knew, just me and my close friends knew.”

She then revealed that a mutual friend had her up with her new girlfriend who she recently unveiled to the public as Ramona Agruma.

It was a friend set up, he had known both of us for at least five years each and was like, ‘Yeah I think you two would hit it off.’ And then we did. I think that escalates things quicker, meeting someone from a trusted source. I can trust that they are who they say they are, which is something on the apps that you don’t really know”

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