Remembering the EndSars occurrences today, we eulogistically draw a retrospect

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In a thriving continent like Africa, we experience a lot of heart breaking brutalities like that of Nigerians EndSars which occur last year and took away a lot of treasurable people and things.

  Nevertheless, In a country where corruption and violence has taken preeminence even to the highest tier, there has been several protests in Nigeria like the “give us biafra protest”, “end police brutality ⚔️protest”, and even the End SARS protest.

The Special Anti Robbery Squad(SARS) was created as a paramilitary squad in _1982_ to help curb the increasing number of the theft in The Federal Republic of Nigeria. But as time went on, things started to go south. Bad activities and actions on the SARS operation were reported.

The first *#endsars* protest was made in 2017 but ended without no reform. It resurfaced in 2020 with more drive, more heat and more angry civilians from high classed citizens to average citizens.

This protest started after a huge number of false convictions, killing of several family members, extortion of money from  citizens and even violent intervention between citizens. _”We have endured a lot of pain and we can’t take in anymore”._ said an angry civilian.

This protest resulted in extreme violence from the attacking of prisons to free prisoners, attacking government warehouses, banks, destroying both public and private properties, lekki tollgate massacre and even civilian to paramilitary wars. A lot of people were angered by the president’s speech on the  22nd of October and was said to be disgraceful. _But what is the future of Nigeria after the SARS reform?

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What if the SARS was a replica of the Abakasi or Isakaba squad? Could it be that the same people who infiltrated this protest are the same hoodlums who would vandalize and break into our homes and steal from us at gun point? What if the SARS reform would be the real protection we have against domestic thefts?

These questions must be clearly thought of before actions are taken. Two stealing cases were recorded again at Ajah on the 22nd of October 2020. Our now actions as citizens of Nigeria can bring about an indecisive outcome. The various seats of power in Nigeria have been made filthy by our own selfish leaders.

Although desperate times call for desperate measures let us together as one nation look forward to bringing our country to greater heights.

     *#endsars #endpolicebrutality*

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