“Ronnie Is Everywhere” Back On Instagram

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Ronnie, Ronnie Is Everywhere

It’s been close to 2 months now since award-winning Ghanaian viral content producer, blogger and Influencer Aaron Safohene Afful known by signature “Ronnie Is Everywhere” got his official Instagram account with over 586k followers disabled by virtue of policy violation.
As at this very moment, he is in talks with the developers of the social network back doors to retrieve his account.

Notwithstanding that, he doesn’t know how fast the technicians are working to activate his disabled account due to the new normal – COVID 19.

Life must continue, that been said, the enthusiastic viral content producer has created a new Instagram account (@Ronnieiseverywhere_official) to feed his followers who have been eschewed for long. While he works to get the previous account active.

Ronnie, Ronnie Is Everywhere

Widely known for generating organic and first-hand contents from attending live events both in Ghana and across the globe, it is safe to say he is one of the most sought after socialite or influencer in Ghana. Event organizers, individuals, corporate organizations and other brand operators are always knocking on his door for strategic digital marketing, planning and promotion.

In the mean time, follow Ronnie Is Everywhere on his new Instagram account:

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