Sally Frimpong Manso To Sue Kojo Rana & EMY Africa Awards GHc 700,000 For Breach Of Contract

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Sally Frimpong

Event organizer and CEO of Lioness Media, Sally Frimpong Manso has shared her grievances, displeasure with the organizers of EMY Africa Awards and has threatened to take them to court.

Sally is one of the pioneers who helped bring EMY Awards to life alongside seven others which includes Kojo Rana, Clement Kwakye and Mike Hammond Kwafo who was the chair of the board.

According to Sally, they sacrificed a lot to bring the award scheme to life and that took them 1yr six months. She revealed that the initial agreement that was put before them were as follows: They were going to be given fuel allowances worth GHC50 on any of their meetings with which they often met once a week to deliberate, also, they were going to be given fuel allowances to run around for sponsorship, it was also agreed that Clement Kwakye and Kojo Rana were going to be the majority shareholders since they were going to provide the start-up capital, the eight member secretariat were to have 5% of the net profit and members were going to be given 10 to 15% commission.

However, according to Sally Frimpong Manso, these promises were never fulfilled. She told Dr Cann host of Showbiz Xtra on Happy Fm that she has confronted the organizers several times. She revealed that she was taken out of the picture that was supposed to be featured on the Exclusive Man Magazine which was launched alongside the launch of the maiden edition because she had confronted Kojo Rana for her money.

The bad news for EMY Awards is this year’s edition might be called off as Sally plans on taking the award scheme to court.

“I am taking them to court, I want them to bail me out because I can’t work with people who are selfish. I am highly disappointed in Kojo Rana. They influence outsiders to take advantage of industry. And this is why I will fight them with my blood”, she said.

In the interview with Dr Cann, Sally revealed that she has endured the pain for three and half years, hence she is taking them to court for a bail out worth Ghc 700,000(7 billion).

 “I am seeking damages worth 7billion thus Ghc 700,000. I want to be out of EMY’s, I don’t want to have anything doing with them”, she added.

The EMY’s might not come on this month as scheduled (18th August) should the case go in Sally Frimpong Manso’s favor.


“Dear Sir,


1. We act as Solicitors for Sally Frimpong (otherwise known as Sally Mann) a member of the organizing Secretariat of EXCLUSIVE MEN OF THE YEAR (EMY) AWARDS (hereinafter referred to as the “Award Scheme”.)

2. Our Client informs us that sometime in the year 2014, given your confidence in her based on her professional expertise, you broached an idea to her. The idea being, an translate an existing men’s magazine known as Exclusive Men’s Magazine into awards scheme. This idea she readily bought into.

3. We are further informed that consequently, a seven member team (of which our Client was a member) was put together to deliberate, brainstorm and crystalize the idea with our Client placed in charge of Publicity.

• 4. Our Client further says that the understanding amongst the members was to harness their individual human resource capital for the collective resultant effect of birthing the above mentioned awards scheme • To this end the members agreed as follows

a. That fuel allowance shall be paid to members for attending weekly meetings.

b. That fuel allowance shall be paid to members for their marketing/sponsorship rounds.

c. That any member who brings in a sponsor shall be paid 10-15% of the value of the said sponsorship.

d. That members will agree on a shareholding arrangement after each awards

e. That each member shall be entitled to 5% of the net profit every year after the awards ceremony.

5. In addition our Client says that her vision and believe in crystalizing this concept motivated her to make personal visits and presentations to over forty companies to seek sponsorship, most of whom have now become household names associated with the Awards Scheme. That her ingenuity, professional competence and industry knowledge contributed significantly to the successful staging and execution of the first edition of the EMY’S AWARDS ceremony in 2015, and subsequent ones in 2016 and 2017.

6. Our Client informs us that having contributed immensely to develop the structures of the Awards Scheme for it to become what it is today, you, together Clement Kwakye, Publisher of Exclusive Men’s Magazine have successfully frozen her out from any of the benefits she is entitled to. Furthermore none of the agreed terms as per paragraph 4 has been fulfilled over the years.

7. Our Client instructs us to inform you that haven been frozen out of the activities of the Secretariat, she is of the opinion that her professional expertise is no longer needed and therefore is willing to walk away amicably from anything connected with the Awards Scheme at a satisfactory compensation.

8. Our client values her professional expertise, all the unpaid allowances, commission and fees she is entitled to, as well as her shareholding in the Awards Scheme over the four years of her involvement from 2014-2018 to be GHC700,000.

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