Sarkodie Pleads With President Nana Addo To Open Boarders For Two Days

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Sarkodie, Nana Addo

As a measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Ghana’s borders have been closed. And that has made citizens including Ghana’s celebrated rapper Sarkodie who is stuck in another man’s land to be unable to come home.

However, President Nana Addo lifted the lockdown imposed on some selected towns in the country yesternight. And this has premised a plea from Ghana’s rap king, Sarkodie to the President who has pleaded that the closed borders be open for a day or two in order to enable stuck Ghanaians to return home.

Via a Facebook post, Sarkodie commended the President for how well he has handled the coronavirus in Ghana before adding his humble plea for the opening of Ghana’s borders for a day or two.


Sarkodie is currently stuck in the United States of America and is definitely longing for a return to his homeland.

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