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Home » Sarkodie Sucks At Rapping In English – Chymny Crane throws another ‘bomb’

Advice yourself‘ underground artiste, Chymny Crane has sent a christmas package to King Sark ahead of his rapperholic concert, saying he is ‘sounds awful’ whenever he raps in English.

Chymny Crane passed this comment after Sarkodie released his latest single titled “Rush Hour” in which Sarkodie dropped some bars in English something which is unusual of him since he is known to rap mostly in his native language Twi.

Whiles Sark natives and other social media users applauded the rapper for his serious bars, Chymny Crane took a swipe at him saying his rap lines are “aloo” which literally means they are not good enough.

He went on to say that the whole “Rush Hour” song is as funny as Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker’s movie’.

“This rush hour be as funny as Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker’s movie nu ?… English rap aloo?“, Chymny Crane wrote on facebook.

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