Science based benefits obtained by drinking pure water


At any given point of time the human body is incorporated with 60 % of water. The golden rule to follow is to drink 8 glasses of water per day or this can be even 2 litres a day.

Though there is less evidence as per this rule, to be hydrated is really important. There are plenty of benefits associated with drinking of water.

Water is known to maximize your physical performance

If you are not hydrated your physical performance would suffer. This appears to be really important during high heat or intense exercise. Dehydration could pose an impact even if you go on to lose 2 % of the water content in your body. But sportsmen are known to lose 6 % of water through their bodies in the form of sweat.

This could make it really difficult for temperature control, increase in the fatigue levels, and in the process make the task of exercise a lot difficult. This is both at a mental and physical level. By optimum levels of dehydration is known to be preventing this, and during intensive exercises oxidative stress is reduced. This is indeed not a matter of surprise when you figure out that muscle is incorporated with 80 % of water.

It is obvious that you are known to exercise rigorously and then sweat, so if you are hydrated it does help you to perform at your supreme best. Even a slight fall in the levels of water has an impact on your physical performance.

Hydration is known to have a major impact on brain function and energy levels

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The human brain is a lot influenced by hydration status. Even a slight level of dehydration can go on to have an impact on various parts of the brain. In a study conducted on both men along with women, exercise has an impact on your mood along with concentration levels increasing the level of frequencies.

Even studies conducted on men and elderly people or even children points to the fact that hydration can have an impact on your mood, performance and memory.

Drinking pure water is known to prevent and treat headaches

Dehydration could cause migraines or headaches in individuals. There are studies which go on to showcase the fact that water can relieve headaches in individuals who are dehydrated. Once again this is dependent upon the type of headache they are suffering from.

A study that was conducted on 18 people was of the opinion that water did not have any impact on the frequency of headaches but did go on to reduce the duration and the intensity somehow. One thing is for sure drinking pure water can be help you cope up with issues of headache.

Consumption of more water address the issue of constipation

A common problem is constipation that occurs due to irregular bowel movements and makes passing of stool a lot difficult. As a part of the treatment protocol increasing fluid intake is a suggested practice though there is a strong evidence to back up this claim. If you are consuming low amount of water this poses to be a major cause of risk as far as constipation is concerned in elder and the younger lot. For constipation relief carbonated water could be a perfect solution, but till date the reason is that not clearly figured out. The bottom line is drinking plenty of water helps to cope up with issues of constipation, all the more so in people who are not known to drink sufficient amount of water.

Drinking water helps to cope up with kidney stones

Urinary stones are clumps of mineral crystal that goes on to accumulate in your urinary system. The most common out of them is kidney stones that go on to accumulate in the kidneys. A limited amount of evidence is available, that intake of water could go on to help recurrence of individuals who are suffering from kidney stones.

Just opt for high level of fluids that would increase the volume of urine that passes through the kidneys, which is known to dilute the concentration of minerals, so that they are known to crystallize and possibility of forming lumps is reduced.

At an initial level water is also known to prevent formation of stones, but studies are required to support this claim.

Water is known to prevent any form of hangover

Hangover basically refers to unpleasant symptoms that tend to occur after a bout of heavy drinks. Alcohol being a diuretic product this is bound to make you lose more water once you take in. This could be a serious issue of dehydration. Though dehydration does not seem to be the main reason being hangovers symptoms in the form of dry throat, headache, fatigue and thirst are common.

The best way to combat the issue of hangover is to drink a glass of water between drinks and before you are going to bed one glass full of water. The reason being hangovers are caused by dehydration and have a glass of water can solve this issue to a considerable extent.

Drinking a lot of water can help you lose weight

Once you drink a lot of water it can help you shed those extra pounds. The reason being water is known to pep your metabolic rates. The moment you are drinking 8 glasses of water on a daily basis, it can help you decrease your overall metabolic rate by 96 calories per day.

The timing when you are drinking water is also important as the general practice would be to drink water half an hour before meals. It is going to make you feel full and you would take in fewer calories.


To sum it up drinking water has immense benefits for an individual. But in this regard the only point of consideration is that you need to drink pure water. The water that makes way into our homes is not pure and it is always best to opt for a RO water purifier plant. They assure pure water on all counts.

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