Seven Attitudes That Proves A Man Isn’t Sure About Marrying A Lady

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In an ideal world, every person we want to be with wants to be with us too.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

If you’re worried that the person you’re dating doesn’t think your relationship has a future, there are some serious signs to look out for.

Here are the top signs he doesn’t see a future with you.

1. He never makes concrete plans.

If he doesn’t see a future with you, he won’t treat you like there’s a future. Period.

That means your dates are spur of the moment and never planned. You’re most likely the one who always pokes to see if he wants to get together.

He keeps dates and times ambiguous with you because he is waiting for something he wants more to come along.

This might make him sound like a callous dick, and that’s not always the case.

Sometimes this behavior can be unconscious. But that doesn’t mean you should put up with it.

2. He won’t introduce you to his family.

You’ve been going out for nine months and his parents live in the same city.

Meeting his parents seems like a natural next step to you. He, on the other hand, might not be actively keeping you from them, but it’s clearly not high on his list of priorities.

If a guy doesn’t see a future with you, then there is no reason to introduce you to his family.

Why should he go through the awkwardness and the nerves of introducing someone to his family with whom he has no real intention of going the distance with?

3. He doesn’t call you his girlfriend.

In the pantheon of things guys who don’t see a future with you say, “I’m just not that into labels” is easily number one.

But here’s the cold, hard truth: It isn’t labels he has a problem with, it’s you.

That sounds harsh, but better you realize it now and get out before more hurt comes your way.

If a guy really likes you and really sees a future with you, he’s going to jump at the chance to call you his girlfriend.

He’ll be proud to call you that.

My boyfriend is basically always one step away from tapping strangers on the arm and being like “this is my girlfriend.” That’s what you deserve, don’t settle for less.

4. He only wants to hang if you have sex.

Guys (even guys who aren’t serious about you) understand relationship math.

If he wants to continue having sex with you (and who wouldn’t? You’re hot!) he’s got to keep going out on dates with you.

If a guy isn’t serious about you, the idea of quickly grabbing dinner before you both go your separate ways for the night is absolutely out of the question.

If a guy sees a future with you, he’ll leap at any added time he gets with you. With or without the sex.

5. He won’t meet your friends.

A guy who doesn’t see a future with you will do his best not to meet the people in your life.

I was dating a man I was desperately in love with, and he never ever ever met my roommate and best friend. For all my best friend knew, I made him up.

Guys who aren’t into you aren’t total monsters. They know on some level what they are doing is wrong. That’s why they avoid meeting people who care about you.

They just can’t handle the guilt, much in the same way they can’t handle the love you’re offering up.

6. He doesn’t communicate

I’m not talking about him being emotionally closed off, though there’s a good chance he might be that too.

I’m talking about returning calls or texts. It’s a no-go.

He’ll hear your voicemail or read your text and it’s a crapshoot as to whether or not he’ll get back to you in 10 minutes, 10 hours, or 10 days.

7. He keeps flaking on you.

You’ve had to reschedule a good amount of your dates — because he had something else going on.

He’s not trying to be a deliberate flake, you just aren’t high on his list. If you’re cool with that, cool.

But for one think you happen to deserve someone who leaps up in the air when your phone number shows up on their screen

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