Having Sex With Your Partner Before Marriage Is Not Fornication – Ben Brako

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Ben Brako
Ben Brako

Veteran highlife musician, Ben Brako has revealed that having sex with your partner before marriage can never be fornication hence there is nothing wrong with that.

The fact can’t be taken away from everyone that fornication in most religious dispensations is a sin. According to the dictionary, Fornication is sex before marriage, and it seems our beloved highlife maestro didn’t read his dictionary before airing his view on this matter.

Well, in an interview with MzGee host of the G-Spot on Joy Prime, Ben Brako disclosed that fornication is when you sleep around with different women all the time in the name of sex but not having a loving sexual relationship with someone you intend to marry.

The ‘Mawie‘ hit maker seems to have been caught up in the act as he mixed the definition for promiscuity with that of fornication.

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