Shatta Wale said $30,000 for Strika is too much for the actor

Shatta Wale, Strika

Dancehall act Shatta Wale has passed his opinion on the latest brouhaha on Ghanaian actor Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye aka Strika. Strika was over the week reported to be on the streets of Accra begging after his management and guardians neglected him.

Shatta Wale in his submission said he thinks $30,000 is too much for the young actor and believes the actor needed an educational fund but not money.

“D Black, Sarkodie, Mugeez and all the other artist songs featured in the “Beasts Of No Nation” movie were paid $500 but I didn’t accept that offer and decided to go for $15,000, that was how much they paid me alone.

Questioning Shatta Wale how his statement starred in the conversation on Strika, the management of Strika and producers of “Beasts Of No Nation” used and abused Strika and so he deserves something much better than $30,000.

“What I am trying to say is that, whoever brought the “Beasts Of No Nation” crew to Ghana can’t use him, abuse him and leave him on the streets. He satated

Shatta Wale treated that, he won’t have made the “Beasts Of No Nation” crew go free after they used Strika and went off leaving him on the streets of Accra to go begging.

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This is a kid who can be easily put in an educational fund. Abraham Attah is currently enjoying somethings, at least allow the other kids also enjoy such things. What will Strika use $30,000 for? I am blaming management of Strika and the people who came in to shoot the “Beasts Of No Nation” film.

When asked whether the “Beasts Of No Nation” movie made an impact to Ghanaians and he Shatta Wale for his song been featured on the movie, the dancehall act said he won’t have gone in for $15,000 if he had knew about the feature at the beginning, and admitted he took the  money is better than $500 his colleagues went in for.

“If I had met them earlier it won’t be $15,000, that is even bigger than $500. At least I can get a plot of land with that one.

Shatta also noted that, the act of allowing Strika as a kid to handle a gun was not right. He believes that the act is making the young man behave and roam in the streets.

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After the incident, Strika is believed to be receiving mental health care following the recent developments.

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