Shatta Wale’s friend Natty Lee admits he is the one in the BJ Video

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Natty Lee and Shatta Wale

After Shatta Wale reacted to a video making rounds on Social media that sees him and a friend getting a BJ from an unknown woman. The video which was posted on his Snapchat was immediately deleted by him but it was too late as the internet had already grabbed screenshots. His fans kept defending him on Social media that it was not him because his face was never shown.

Earlier this morning, Natty Lee Gh who is Shatta Wale long time friend and a son of Shatta Wale in the Shatta Movement Family and a member of the Militant has posted on his Facebook account claiming he’s the guy in the video receiving the BJ from the unknown lady with his friend.

Shatta movement i want u to help me beg the king shatta wale for dragging his name thru the mud! The video that was posted on his Snapchat earlier was mine and it was accidentally posted after he logged in his snapchat account on my phone cos he had a low battery during the thunder fire video shoot. I apologize to the king and the entire shatta movement empire! I will never sellout.. Forgive me fam…. 4life is our life


Anyways, that’s Shatta Wale for you. To see the video, click on the link (Video) and like the page then send a message and the video will be delivered exclusively to you.

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