SilverBird do not respect Ghanaian Films – Franky 5 tells Producers

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Franky 5

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Zylofon Art Fund, Frank Kwabena Owusu also known as Franky 5 have stated that, one of Ghana’s box office, SilverBird Cinema do not respect Ghanaian film makers and do not care about their blemish state of the Ghana Movie Industry.

At the launch of “Zylofon View” on Friday 07 September, Franky 5 stated that, many film producers in Ghana invest so much into producing films and when they go to SilverBird for a premiere deal, SilverBird splash an uncomplimentary deal to the producers which has resulted in the bad state of the film industry.

“Producers invest monies (millionsof cedis) to come out with content and when they go there,  they splash them into their face just 50/50 agreement. captured.

Mr Frank Kwabena Owusu also mentioned that, SilverBird Cinema is the only Box Office in Ghana who do not cut down their deal even if the producers of the movies appeal.

“We’ve gone across the country and their the only people who do not cut down, I don’t see why you should continue to go there and waste your time, because you are not making any money. I want to make a cue out of this, SilverBird do not respect you and they don’t care whether you are making money or not. Already their signed to International brands”. He added.

As the PRO of Zylofon Art Fund and their new initiative “Zylofon View”, Franky 5 urged Ghanaian Movie Producers to support the Zylofon Art Fund initiative “Zylofon View” for the betterment of the Film Industry in Ghana.

Many, including Industry players have stated that, the Ghana Movie Industry is “Dead” and it all sums up to the way of distribution and other factors in the Movie Industry. In its bid to help promote local content locally and internationally, Zylofon Arts Fund (ZAF) has launched an online cinema platform, Zylofon View, to help push that agenda.

Speaking at the launch at the Zylofon Media headquarters in Accra, Frank Kwabena Owusu, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Zylofon Arts Fund encouraged movie producers to team up with Zylofon View to market their products.

“Lets come together as one people, lets hold our hands, this industry belongs to us and not for anybody. Lets hold our hands and let “Zylofon View” work”.

He urged them to submit their works to the fund for examination and possible uploading onto the Zylofon View platform.

Zylofon View platform is a pay per view App where the payment mode could be via VisaCard, MasterCard, Stripe, PayPal and MTN Mobile Money.

The platform can be accessed via on computers and mobile devices.

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