Is This Why Social Media Has Refused To Stand With Dr Mensah Otabil?

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Dr Mensah Otabil
Dr Mensah Otabil

Social media often comes to the rescue of dignitaries. But one will ask why has it failed to work for the Man of God (Dr Mensah Otabil) who has been tagged with embezzlement of funds.

It all started from the taking over of UT and Capital Bank by Ghana Commercial Bank after Capital Bank was highly indebted as it liabilities surpassed it asserts. Being a shareholder of Capital Bank, the man of God didn’t stand a chance to be cleared of the radar of social media trolls.

Fast forward to the breakdown and report by the board on how they arrived at such a debt, the report indicated that Dr Mensah Otabil allegedly caused the bank GHc610 million which is more than Woyome’s gargantuan Ghc 50million.

Comparing Woyome’s money to Dr Mensah Otabil’s money has really drawn a line and if some Ghanaians ever had a chance to come to the rescue of anyone, I bet it will be Woyome, but it’s too late.

Looking at the amount involved, members of the International Central Gospel Church came to the rescue of their founder and leader on social media with fliers which had captions like: “You are a man of Integrity, we stand with you”, “Before you talk about my pastor, show me your achievements”, and “I stand with you”.

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These fliers didn’t seem to go down well with some Ghanaians on social media who think institutions should be allowed to work/function. Can it be taken from them? Ghc 610million and you still stand with someone? Well these are the questions on the minds of some Ghanaians on social media who have refused to stand with Mensah Otabil.

For anyone who cares to know, Woyome’s money is Ghc 50m (500,000,000,000) whilst Dr Mensah Otabil’s is Ghc 610m (6,100,000,000,000). Who do you stand with?

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