Son Of Tamale-Based Sheikh Gets Disowned For Engaging In Acts Of Homosexuality

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For engaging in acts of homosexuality, a Tamale-based Sheikh of Alhussunna Waljama’a (Jihad Sunnist), Sheikh Issahaku Alhassan has disowned his own son. According to Sheikh Issahaku Alhassan who is a well-respected leader, he had to disown his son Rafik because homosexuality is a satanic and evil act which goes contrary to the beliefs and practices of his religion.

He noted that there is no way he and his Sunni Jihad group would allow the act of homosexuality in his community and he had to disown his own son just to prove that he is really serious about the fight against homosexuality. Sheikh Issahaku Alhassan indicates that his son, Rafik had been associated with homosexuality for sometime now but had always denied it.

Even though he had been adviced, counselled and even beaten up several times, he still engaged in the disgraceful act. The Sheikh has emphasized that Rafik is no more his son and even wishes he had not given birth to him as he has brought shame to his family and the Islamic faith through homosexuality.

Sheikh Issahaku Alhassan has further noted that his Jihad group will use the Sharia law in Islam to stone anyone involved in LGBT to death if they are caught in the act. In an interview, Sheikh Issahaku Alhassan indicated that he would use the last drop of his blood to fight and kill anyone involved in homosexuality in Tamale or any part of the country.

Meanwhile, Rafik is believed to have escaped and relocated to Canada due to an attack on him and his friend he is engaged in homosexuality with. He left behind his wife and two kids in Ghana to prevent being killed due to his acts of homosexuality. Members to two popular vigilante groups in Tamale, Jihad and the Kandahar Boys, have made it clear that they hope Rafik won’t make an attempt to return to Ghana because they would end his life if he dares just to serve as a lesson to others who are engaged in homosexuality.

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