Space travel taken on different peak as its first hotel is set to open in 2027

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When reality surpasses or reaches science fiction.In the era of space tourism,The Gateway Foundation was created with the purpose of building the first hotel in space and everything seems to indicate that it will be inaugurated in 2027.

The resort will have artificial gravity and will have the capacity to accommodate 500 people, and it will also offer a gym, restaurant, bar, and all the amenities that a hotel on Earth has.

Voyager Station will harness the technologies of space and the comforts of Earth to create a unique experience unprecedented in history.

The simulated gravity will offer comforts such as toilets, showers and beds that work in a similar way to what is used on Earth ”, they explain on the website.


Its structure will be composed of two concentric rings fixed to each other with a set of spokes that support a residential ring made up of large modules.

The outer ring will be the backbone of the station and will have a kind of inner tube, which will provide the assembly for the housing modules, solar panels, radiators and a rail transport system.

On the other hand there will be the ring of rooms made up of a series of pressurized, connected and large modules. It will be made up of all the previously mentioned amenities, gym module, kitchen, restaurant and bar; Crew Quarters module, which will be configurable for room by gravity and microgravity; modules for scientific activities.


According to National Geographic in Spanish,the cost for a three-day stay to sleep in the stars is around 5,000 dollars.

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