Spreading The Word Of God Is Not Free But A Business – Gospel Singer Empress Gifty

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Contrary to common assumption, Empress Gifty revealed that gospel ministry is a lucrative business. She insists that once you learn the ropes, you would start to fish in profits.

Empress Gifty disclosed to Giovani Caleb on Showbiz 360 that gospel music and concerts are not free. She pointed out that the processes which result in the melodious music paid investment ventures. So reaping profits is rightfully in accordance.

She said, “There is money in it if you do it well. If you do it well and you brand yourself very well. You will get the money because you invest in it. Gospel is not free. The Bible is not free. The tambourines are not free. The instruments are not free. Even the microphone that the pastor is using is not free.”

Empress Gifty informed that audience that even paraphernalia and instruments used to propagate the gospel is not free of charge on the market, including studio time and other extra

“So when it comes to the gospel, I don’t understand why people see it as a free commodity. It is not free. If I go to the studio, the producer will not say that because I am spreading the Gospel of God, so the session is free. It usually doesn’t happen, and it won’t happen.”

She further explained that although the extras have fees attached, her gift is free. Empress Gifty went on to list the extras with price tags, excluding herself.

“As for me, I am free. But the extras that make me Empress is what you pay. When you invite me, it is free. When you inited me, it is free. But the person playing the keyboard is not free. The drummer is not free. My costume is not free. So those are the things that you pay for but not my gift.”

According to Empress Gifty, her ministry needed a rebrand after passing the 10-year milestone. She disclosed that she’s now under new management, which has necessitated her new costumes and recent promotional tours.

Empress Gifty also revealed her incoming program called the Impressive Experience, which will take off after the launch this year. “It’s a new thing from the Empress camp. And we are working towards bringing the best out of the Empress Ministry. And then I have a tour in Paris.”

Empress Gifty has released a new single, Odiyompo featuring Zaza Mokhethi, available on all music platforms.

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