Stacy Amewoyi talks about true love and how to grow it together

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I had a one on one conversation with a friend sometime ago, he told me his relationship broke up with his best friend which made him loose interest in many things.

This was what he told me “The last time I was
with her, before saying goodbye, she told me that she did not believe that friendship exists between the opposite gender.”

While the divorce rate in Africa is 37%, America is close to 50%, Europe 53%, and Asia is 15% these tells you that, true love seems to be a fiction of any Nigerian movies, Ghanaian movies, and Hollywood movie.

I determined to find the meaning of truth Love so I met so many different men and women and they told me their experiences and views on Love issues. These are some of the knowledge i have gained about successful relationships.

Make Memories Daily

“Couples who try to experience some kind of meaningful connection every day, or create a fun memory; They are the couples that shattered my perception of what was possible in a love relationship. ”

Never Stop Growing

“I learned that a long-term relationship is not about making you happy. It’s about personal growth. To put it simply, the happiness we all desire is a result of overcoming challenges and obstacles together, and experiencing the emotions of victory and achievement. ”

Take 10 Seconds

“It’s a matter of changing how we think. For example: instead of asking ‘how’s your day?’ At the end of each day, try asking something that shows that you really care about the answer. Good examples are ‘what made you laugh with more enthusiasm today?’ Or ‘was there a moment on this day when you felt lonely?’ Or ‘what was your biggest personal victory today?’ A couple set a goal that each kiss goodbye would last more than 10 seconds. They are committed to maintaining that romantic passion in their relationship … And it only takes 10 seconds. ”

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Discuss Nudes If That Helps

“A large number of couples told me they didn’t fight each other. I mean, if you’re in love, you should play on the same team. Your goal should be to resolve the issue, not to be above your loved one… And being honest, you feel guilty when you win, anyway. Seriously … Don’t be a jerk. Do not insult. Do not stab. Do not try to hurt the other person. Discuss nudes if that helps. ”

Love More

“A woman in Accra-Ghana gave me quite impressive advice. She and her husband has been together for about 60 years, and when I asked about her best advice on relationships, she took a break and said: ‘Don’t be
afraid to be the one you love the most.’ ”

Personally, I don’t think that true love is something linked to entering into a couple. I think that it is a concept that we have limited too much, and that it hurts us a lot, because it exposes us to situations where we are feeling love for someone who is not our partner, but we refuse to recognize it, because we are scared of being betrayed when we
decide to be committed to someone.

I am of the opinion that true love understands that, both you and your partner can love and desire other people, and in the same way, be loved and desirable to others . But it is more a matter of how everyone takes

However, I do think that when two people really love each other, they will try to find a way to stay together in life and express that love. I am also clear that not all loves have romantic or sexual dyes.

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