Starboy Kwarteng Ignores Kim Maureen, Signs New Artist?

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Kim Maureen and Starboy Kwarteng

Has Starboy Kwarteng ignored Kim maureen to sign a new artist on his record label yet?

A year after the death of Mr. Opoku Kwarteng’s daugter Ebony Reigns, he decide to continue her daughter’s legacy and by so doing he established a new record label dubbed Bony to The World which the first artist who got signed on the label was Maureen Nelson known well as Kim Maureen. monitored an interview of Mr. Opoku Kwarteng also known well as Starboy Kwarteng on KingdomPlusfm 101.9mhz with Fiifi Pratt on his Afro Joint show, and all Starboy Kwarteng could say about Kim Maureen is that, He has not heard from his artist Kim Maureen after he return from abroad for the past three (3) months.

According to Starboy Kwarteng, Kim Maureen has not boarded to reach out to him since he came back to Ghana after the Corona locked him down in Germany.

Speaking to Fiifi Pratt, Mr Opoku Starboy Kwarteng saids Kim Maureen has been viewing his status on WhatsApp but refuses to say Hi to him and he finds that to be very disrespectful behaviour from his artist. They have a five (5) years contract in which his artist has elapsed just a year.

I have not seen Kim Maureen after i came back for the past 3 months. she views my WhatsApp status but has not bothred to reach out to me. I have no spent much on her so what i thought was that immediately she founds out that i was in Ghana she would come to me but she didn’t. But what i know is that she has signed a five (5) years contract with me and if she fvck it up she may see the consequences.

Starboy Kwarteng warns Kim maureen.


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He continued to say that, he is about to sign a new artist named KiLL and he will outdoor him before 2020 goes to and end.

Now the question is, Is Kim Maureen Ignored?


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