#SupportYourOwn: Artist endorse good Bloggers, Wiyaala gives David Mawuli his share

Wiyaala, David Mawuli
Wiyaala and David Mawuli

The “Lioness of Africa”, Wiyaala yesterday endorsed David Mawuli, the Entertainment Editor for popular online news journal Pulse Ghana.

Wiyaala in a retweet to answer a question by a fan mentioned that, Davide Mawuli is one of Ghana’s matured and highly respected music commentators.

“Follow for mature commentary on the Ghana music scene” She tweeted.


Ghanaian artist or in a much bigger space creative arts people find it difficult to endorse the news men, Bloggers and social media promoters who help in sharing the good works to the public.

David Mawuli is a Ghanaian music journalist and critic. He is the founder of Thinkghmusic.com and Ghanafuo.com.

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