Team Itakula to revive Kumasi based Movie Industry

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Kumasi based movies

Kumasi based movies have stuck in the mud for sometime now due to lack of creativity, innovation and foreign invasion. Kumawood Industry which was once the hotcake when it comes to movies in Ghana has almost been shattered to shambles and it seems all hope is lost and there is no way forward.

Team Itakula, a new production headed by Derex NoDo(an upcoming movie director) is up to revive the Industry with maiden Historical Movie,” The Genesis Of The Ashantis”. The movie although fictitious tells a great deal of history about the Ashantis and Guans.

The movie was monitored by the BBC and it is going to first revive the dying Kumawood Industry and the general Ghana movie Industry as a whole.

The movie which was put together by Team Itakula, BoG1 films, Gyanzy films and Power link films, has stressed Africa greatly in the movie, which is a good move to sell Africa to the world.

Kumasi based movies Kumasi based movies Kumasi based movies Kumasi based movies

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