Technology Meets Music at AfroMusicon Accra

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In the next few weeks, EchoHouse Ghana in partnership with Innova DDB and Pulse Creatives is hosting Ghana’s first ever music conference. The conference and music festival is themed “The Business of Music”. It will focus on how musicians can use existing platforms and opportunities and capitalize on them to make money from their craft.

AfroMusicon will be a three-day event consisting of three major impactful sessions as well as several breakout sessions that will tackle different aspects of the music business industry. It will also include a number of unplugged sessions at different venues simultaneously.

In recent times, Ghanaian music has evolved and one of the significant areas that heavily influences these changes is technology and how easily accessible it has become and allowed Ghanaian music to keep up with artistes outside our borders.

New technology changes the way we approach music, it changes the accessibility of music for artists, and how it’s consumed, every new invention gives a different type of person a different approach to music.

We cannot imagine a world without music streaming, but before this we listened to music on vinyl records, then on cassette tapes, CDs, followed by digital downloads. At every point, technology has and continues to influence music. It was not sudden, and it is a progression; with people finding innovative solutions to existing problems, innovation drives music.

And now that a professional-quality home studio can be assembled with little to no capital, provided you have the right software and programs like FL Studio, Logic Pro and Reason, the gap between the home engineer and the studio engineer now is sometimes as small as the price of their equipment.

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At every stage in this progression, it has required people willing to invest and change the status quo, and eventually yielded great rewards for them.

For instance, in Ghana today, we have platforms where tech meets music. We can mention a few like Aftown, GhudMusic and Qisimah, which allow artists to directly monitor how receptive their music is on air, and gather data that gives them information about where the concentration of their fanbase is strong and essentially helps translate these into an income stream of properly utilised.

AfroMusicon will delve into how all these have changed the Ghanaian music industry and what can be done with them to further push the music industry into an even more profitable space for all stakeholders. How do we capitalize on the many opportunities available to us within the existing system? How do we create new opportunities?

To answer these, the event is scheduled to happen in May 2018 in Accra, and is supported by Kuulpeeps, Rogue Lens, digIT, Aftown, BBnZ, DGN, Ameyaw Debrah Media, NYDJ Live Media, George Britton Media, GhudMusic, Enews Ghana and TalkMedia GH.

Join the conversation on and @AfroMusicon on social media.

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