Rapper Tee Rhyme threatened with death by some unverified Gang

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Tee Rhyme

Seemingly, the death of Alhaji Corolla S wale also known as “Future” has really created tautness in the camp of the Stylish Music Group, as some unknown gang has threatened to take the life of the Stylish rapper Tee Rhyme.

We consulted Tee Rhyme and his management to dig into the root of the matter but the whole crew was speechless. We were handed with an audio and after listening we realized the peril is really weird. All this while, the rapper has been abused and assaulted by unknown persons on phone.

These unknown gangs claimed he killed Future for money and fame.

In a local language (Twi), this is what one of them said on the tape

“We want to hunt you in Accra before the other gangs in Tafo attack you, after killing future you have hid yourself in Accra Tabora, you think your money come so you will chop? You have exchanged our brother for money and fame”

As we sympathized and shared our condolences with the stylish music crew, Tee Rhyme said “Though it baffles me sometimes hearing people talk hell about me on an accident which nearly ended my carrier and made my brother Future departed from me, but I leave all my grieves to the most high because he is the master judge”.

He said the rest of the story will be unfolded in his tribute song.

You can watch his tribute song by streaming the video above:

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