The distinction between a College and University explained here

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The continual advancement in education here in Africa and across the world is one thing must people bid for especially after young ones make entry into either College or University.

But he reminds that parents as well as students should take note of the following differences between colleges and universities in other to take right decisions on where exactly they want their wards to be.

In universities learning duration takes four years while colleges learners take two years to complete their years of study.


Student in universities have no restrictions of freedom thus attend lectures at will unlike colleges where it is mandatory to attend classes and failure may attract penalties.Besides some colleges students wears uniforms while universities students do not wear uniforms.

Some colleges provide meals as well as accomodations for their learners while in universities students eat their pockets and accomodations is based on first come first serve basis.Learning is students centered in universities unlike colleges.

Colleges have three semester for every students thus they are no long holidays while universities have two semesters after which learners go for long holidays.Most colleges sit for KNEC examinations unlike universities where exams are set by lecturers.

These are few differences outlined that we know would surely help you in taking time to know your best bid and prepare for a successful academic entry as a young one.

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