The ‘King Kong’ behind Western Togoland liberation Papavi passes on

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Thriving as on independent person pushing for a country’s freedom and liberation is one thing that doesn’t come easy but Papavi through populism tried making come to pass.

Within some few months back, there was a hectic social tension along our Volta  boundaries bout a group of people fighting for freedom and calling for independence for Western Togoland but eventually was to no avail.

Charles Kormi Kudzordze who is also known as Papavi Hogbedetor had a dream of ensuring that Western Togoland wins independence from Ghana before he dies. He was very instrumental in releasing the history that shows Western Togoland has never been part of Ghana and the need to fight vigorously for independence.

He was able to mobilize some people who also believe in his dream and even had lawyers who were ready to defend his quest for independence in court. Even though a majority of Ghanaians were against his will for independence that did not stop Papavi from fighting.

Unfortunately, the death of Charles Kormi Kudzordze has been announced after he is reported to have complained of a short illness. The eighty-six-year-old man has died without achieving his dream and his members have since been sharing tears.


This has left a lot of people especially his wild supporters behind this movement in a sad mood seeing the exit of their frontier and leader. Inevitably, we would pray for his soul to rest in perfect peace and sympathize with his family as well.

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