The Sensual Massage Therapist, Is It Temptations or Profit Causing Exit ?

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I am done offering Massage Therapy, said the only male Sensual Massage Therapist in Ghana. The question then is why and this is what he said.

The massage industry is not for the married Male Therapist. To the Ghanaian, a very good relaxation massage and sex, however, many men will pay from a thousand and more for their pleasure and relaxation when they engaged with a female therapist, but the female clients do not even want to pay well for a Yoni/Vagina massage for their wellbeing.

Ransford expressed that it was not his thing to be unethical to his clients but rather to provide the best services they preferred and pay value for them but his challenges kept rising in spite of his skills and fame.

He said, his female Therapists are not true to him as their boss for their selfish gains and some Clients also sort out his female therapists for their stress and pleasure and do things behind his back.

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Ransford said, as long as he cannot have female Clients needing Massages from him on a regular basis and wanting to pay well for their preferred therapy, then he saw no need to continue serving in the capacity as a Massage Therapist. I have given up as a Massage therapist to the Locals. But will swiftly attend to anyone willing to pay well for the Therapist his is and what any client wants.

People have leveraged on my sweet skills and paid demeaning figures but I never complained. I will only attend to a client when they will pay closer to my worth than base my services on just client choice of me, said Ransford.

Massage Therapist

He said he has trained many Therapists and can pitch them accordingly.

The magic touch massage therapist said he has not been lucky for his leniency sake and he does not want to serve until well paid by whoever sort out for his services.

Ransford is currently creating Contents for TV, Script for a Professor and also building Muscles to look far different from how he looks now.

He said the seriousness of his state is that he is in debt and owes a lot of his clients and business partners and in search of money to clear his name and move on. 

Massage Therapist

He concluded by saying, the Ghanaian women in general do not like Massage but rather prefer Beauty Therapy. But he has not run away from his calling as a Massage Therapist until he is paid what he bargains for.

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