Three Metals Were Removed From My Throat – Guru Cries

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But for the swift intervention of a spiritualist, Guru would not have been counted among the living, the rapper has said while disclosing that three metals were removed from his body – an action that thwarted the efforts of the wicked.

The rapper, known in private life as Maradona Yeboah Adjei, in an interview on ‘Restoration With Stacy’ said there had been countless attempts on his life. These attempts, he emphasized, were spiritual.

Some, he said, were masterminded by persons close to him.

“It got to a time it was difficult to talk because of what I was experiencing in my throat and tummy. I went to see a medical doctor, we run a lot of checks and he said I was fine but I knew I wasn’t. I experienced this for eight months,” he said while mentioning that people with spiritual eyes told him he was marked for death.

“A certain pastor met me and said someone wants to kill me. Another spiritualist told me the same. I thought it was a joke. I was once performing at an event. After the third song, I wasn’t audible anymore. So, I walked off the stage. Since then, everything went dark.”

Due to the severity of the issue, Guru said steps were taken to avert the misfortune. Without anesthesia, parts of his body were cut, a process that led to the removal of three metals from his body.

He said: “I went through some process. You know we have herbalists, native doctors who help us in some of these things. They did some skirmishes, cut my neck, pulled out two big metals. This was physical, I was awake when they did all these.

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“They removed another one from my stomach. You can imagine the pain. After that, I decided to give myself time and allow others to be in the showbiz business. I’ve been prayerful since. We came from a very prayerful home,” Guru added.

Touching on who was behind the attacks, the rapper pointed accusing fingers at persons within his circles. According to him, they confessed when he confronted them.

“When you’re performing on stage, you have this bottle you drink from. The one holding it is in charge of it… They were three guys. I had so many dreams about this. If not because of some of the steps we took, I wouldn’t have been alive today. It was intended to kill me. The saddest part is I always wanted to project these guys but it takes time and they couldn’t wait,” Guru asserted.

He has urged persons who would want to be stars to be more prayerful.

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