Togetherness and respect will once again make Kumasi Music a top notch!!!

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“Kwasia Wuo” hitmaker, Anamon a.k.a Footsteps has spoken on the state of music in Kumasi and how to revive it.
Anamon who spoke to Deejay Ortiz on the ‘Entertainment Edge‘ show on Solid FM stated that until musicians, DJs and other music related personnel came together and showed each other respect, Kumasi music will forever remain stagnant.

Anamon who further explained that DJs will take money from artistes in Kumasi and will not play their tracks. Some will also find faults with some songs but won’t draw artistes attention to fix them. Also, he said some producers too pompous to the extend where they won’t allow artistes to share ideas with them to perfect tracks but will only use their own intel to produce songs.

Anamon who has gotten the chance to play shows in Accra and the Northern regions said on the show that artistes and the Media in these regions respect and love each other and have a sense of togetherness which is why their music is thriving.

In his final comment, Anamon petitioned other Kumasi artistes and the general media force in Kumasi to come together as one to champion the course of arising Kumasi music.

Anamon has hinted fans that he has major works in the pipeline which will suffice soon.

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