Top 10 Countries All Singaporeans Should Visit Once In Their Lives

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These are some of the Top 10 Countries All Singaporeans Should Visit Once In Their Lives.

If you are a citizen of Singapore and do not know some of the top countries you would love to visit in your lifetime, then I will recommend these top 10 countries to visit as a Singaporean today.

Below are the Top 10 Countries All Singaporeans Should Visit Once In Their Lives.


Singaporeans love Japanese food, with many of them being anime fans too. So it’s not a far stretch to say that most Singaporeans would love to visit Japan, especially since their weather is much cooler (except maybe in summer) and they can even experience snow!

Tokyo is famous for many good reasons, while Kyoto has been named the best city in the world twice in a row by Travel + Leisure.


Singaporeans would visit Korea for their superb Korean barbeques and other food, along with seeing the place where K-pop originated from.

Visit some of their famous cities like Seoul, or dress up in one of their traditional outfits like the Hanbok and go down their folk villages. You’ll feel like you’re in a completely different world!


As dangerous as it may be, it is still a beautiful place in the world. With plenty of wildlife not found in Singapore, take a trip to the famous Great Barrier Reef or drop by Sydney for the beaches and city.

This is an especially good time to go too, because Australia’s currency value has dropped.


Venice, the place of art and museums with buildings seemingly rising out of the water, or Siena, a place dominated by soaring architecture and their cultural local delicacies?

Hard choices to make. Castello di Casole, a five-star mansion or castle, from Siena has also been voted one of the best hotels in Europe. Of course, there’s also Rome and its magnificent sights…


Filled with World Heritage Sites like Stonehenge, England is a place of rich history.

Enjoy the bustling city life of London or drop by Manchester to see its growing array of galleries, libraries and art centers. Of course, there’s the ever-popular British accent to learn too!


Taipei, a place well-known for its plethora of street food. Tea, dumplings, noodles, you can find all sorts of Chinese delicacies here. If you go, visiting their famous night market is a must!


Experience the fascinating culture and food they have, and feel like a stylish French ‘noble’ after dropping by one of their boutique stores!

Paris has many sights to see, including the Eiffel tower and if you’re going as a couple, the bridges with ‘love locks’. It is after all, a romantic city.


Bueno Aires is yet another romantic place to visit – after all, it is where tango originated from. Their old neighborhoods are filled with European heritage and exciting atmospheres.

New York

New York City has been featured a lot on television and on movies for Singaporeans, so it’s easy to see why they would visit this bustling city.

From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building, there are plenty of landmarks to feast your eyes on. As you look upon the sights that appeared in the movies, you might even feel like you’re in one!

New Zealand

Queenstown, an MRT station on the red line, is an actual town in New Zealand. It was also the place where most of the Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed, and it is a quaint place with mountains and the sea.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s peaceful though, for bungee jumping, kayaking, hiking, skiing and various other activities are easily possible there.

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