Top 5 food types to avoid before s*x

Below are 5 foods that are good for your health but you might want to avoid them before bedroom exercise.1 min


We all think about nutrition to pique our performance in the gym, or even at work, so why not in the bedroom, too?

“There are some foods that can make you feel tired, lethargic and bloated, and these can interfere with great se.x,” says Lorraine Perretta, a nutritional therapist.

We run down a few of this food faux pas that might interfere with your performance between the sheets.

Sure, a romantic dinner in a nice restaurant is usually an opportunity to treat yourself to a prime slab of meat. But unfortunately, a big steak is not going to help you feel se.xy later on. Large meals can focus the body’s energy and blood flow on digestion rather than se.x. Meat can take up to four hours to digest.


Apart from giving you stinky breath down your lovers, garlic is supposedly a prime culprit for making a man’s semen taste funky, along with caffeine, red meat and onions.

There are reports that the bodily fluids of vegetarians taste better than meat eaters. So ditch the meat and garlic, and load up on greens.

Heavy Carbs

Another to avoid if you don’t want to feel lethargic and sleepy. Carbs like potatoes, bread, and pasta are likely to raise the blood sugar levels for the short term but a couple of hours later the sugar levels crash and so does energy.


Sweet treats may tempt the taste buds, but they are no friend to your gut’s ecosystem. Sugar feeds the unfriendly bacteria that occupy the gut.

When they’re fed, they can produce toxins that result in bloating, wind and abdominal discomfort. No one wants to start a night of passion feeling gassy.


A bit of an obvious one, but no one ever had the most satisfying sexual experience when they were trashed. A drink may make you feel sexy, but too much interferes with performance and enjoyment in the long run.

And one that you should eat: Tuna

Eating lots of fruit, vegetables and oily fish gives your body the vitamins and minerals to increase testosterone, the se.x drive hormone for men and women. Specifically, studies have shown that vitamin D helps to boost your testosterone, and tuna is a great source of vitamin D.

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