Tradition: BEES lead Kumbungu Chief to late Ya-Naa’s funeral

Kumbungu Chief
Kumbungu Chief

The Kumbungu Chief, Alhaji Naa Abu Iddrisu II has left many tongues wagging for showcasing what in Dagon customs and traditions has never happened in the last 40 years in Dagbon following his display of traditional powers as the Chief Warrior of the overlord when he was led by a swarm of bees to Tamale on his journey to Yendi.

It was both a shocking and an interesting sight to behold on Monday 14th January, 2019 in Tamale when the chief and his entourage displayed the rich Dagbon custom as part of their four-day journey to Yendi to be part of the final funeral rites of the late Ya-Naa Yakubu Andani II.

Basharu Alhassan Dabali, spokesperson for the Andani family explained to that, as the Chief Warrior of the Ya-Naa, the bees give direction to the Kumbungu Chief and during the period of war were always unleashed on the enemy upon instruction to ease their way to victory.

He disclosed that the display of bows and arrows among other traditional war regalia could be equated to present day display of weapons by the military or police signaling to the enemy to stay off since they are more than prepared to take them on if they dare.

“The bees determine where the chief rests. Even before he gets to Yendi, the bees will go and settle at a particular house which will be where he will stay until his role and presence at the funeral of the late chief is over”, he revealed.

“the bees are not dangerous and have spiritual powers to determine when the Kumbungu Chief’s life is in danger that is when they will attack the aggressors mostly the enemy”. He added

Meanwhile, it is part of the tradition that no pregnant woman is expected to stand by the shoulder of the road as the chief journeys to the Traditional Home of Dagbon as such persons risk miscarriages.

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