Trending: Twitter Influencer Leaks N#des Of His Friend’s Girl He Impregnated (Full Story)

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There is an ongoing melodrama on Twitter involving some self-acclaimed Ghanaian twitter influencers, Kwadwo Piano, Beno, Gyata Shoa, and one Annie — who is now pregnant for either of the aforementioned guys.

Well, it all started when things got heated between Kwadwo Piano and Beno – both are influencers – on Twitter yesterday.

Apparently, Beno (@BenopaOnyx1) and Annie have been dating for sometime now and their relationship is quite in the open on among the Ghanaian twitter community.

However, Annie and Kwadwo Piano, called – each other – mother and son have allegedly been bonking themselves on the blindside of Beno.


As if that was not enough to stab Beno at the back, Annie has reportedly slept with one Gyata Shoa (@thatEsselguy) after having a thing with with Kwadwo Piano.

Back to yesterday! As things got heated between Beno and Kwadwo Piano, who carries himself on the micro-blogging platform as a hard guy promised to disgrace Annie, Beno’s soft spot — his girlfriend – on the timeline in order to win the beef.


However, Beno did not heed to Piano’s caution as he kept on dragging him with hardcore jabs and shades.

The worst happened when, Piano, without using his thinking cap, went ahead to release the semi-n#de photo of Annie to prove a point that he really chopped and impregnated her.

As at the time of this report, both Kwadwo Piano (@Eny3_mani_aa1) and Annie (@Annie_lovve) had deactivated their Twitter accounts.

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