Trigmatic debunks eyeing for MUSIGA Presidency

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Rapper and Radio personality, Trigmatic was reported to have said he is eyeing for Musiga Presidency earlier today. But Trigmatic has disclosed that, he did not specifically state he wanted to go for Musiga Presidency but rather a suggestion made by the host of that particular radio show he was on.

Speaking to in an exclusive interview after we saw the publication by another online portal, Trigmatic said he has done a lot of things to help the Ghanaian Music Industry which he disclosed on Happy Fm but in the interaction, the host of the show who felt he has done much suggested to Trig to go for Musiga Presidency and he Trigmatic said “if is the will of God, why not”.

Trigmatic mentioned to that, he has done much for the current Musiga administration and he will continue to support in his own way to make sure Ghana Music goes to the top.

I don’t think I stated categorically that, I wanted to be or become. However, I spoke about some of the things I have done personally and my general support for the Music industry as much as Ghana and my support for the current administration and other things I have been able to do as an individual person.” He stated.

In my submission, the Presenter of the interview suggested that, Why don’t I go in as the President and I said if is the will of God, why not. So I haven’t stated that I want to go for presidency and it’s not even an ambition that I’m going to be chancing for Presidency.” He continued.

Earlier this year, Trigmatic introduced an initiative to teach young children through music.

The initiative dubbed “Matic Music Club” was established September, 2017 to teach young ones between the ages 5-15 how to write and arrange music as well as pursue other academic disciplines.

According to the soul singer, he drew inspiration from the African folkloric method our forfathers used to teach history or tell stories through music.

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