Trotro Driver And Mate Run Away After Their Car Hit Range Rover Discovery

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Trotro Driver

It was all fun but sad as a Trotro Driver and his Mate runs away from an Accident scene in broad daylight.

According to a Twitter user who goes by the name Kelvin Mate who shares photos of the incident on Twitter.

A Trotro Driver and his Mate has left Passengers stranded in an accident scene as their Car crashed with a brand new Range Rover Discovery.

Now, one would ask why would Driver and Mate Runaway after an accident scene? Well, regardless of the mistake, whether it’s from the Trotro Driver or the Range Rover Driver. Range Rover Discovery is one of the most respected cars in Ghana and probably in the world that seems to be very expensive.

Apparently, the current price of Range Rover Discovery is $52,300.00 which is way too expensive for a Trotro Driver and his Mate to afford any part of the damaged Car.

So in other to avoid all charges to fix this Range Rover, it’s better for them to run and leave their old Trotro.

The incident’s pictures have burst soo many users into laughter as to why would they even stand there for the owner of the Range Rover to tell them their Cost.

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