Tv3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful Disqualifies Lady For Wearing Hijab

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One Zainab Alhassan claims Tv3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful disqualified her from taking part in the auditions after she was seen wearing a hijab during the audition.

A beautiful young Muslim lady named Zainab Alhassan has described a horrible encounter she went through during a famous beauty pageant audition at a TV station.

According to Zainab, describing her distress in a Facebook post, she unveiled how she passed through the first part of the audition, exhibited her talent, and showed off her oratory skills to which the judges were impressed.

Nevertheless, while a question and answer segment, Zainab revealed how concerned she became when the judges started asking her questions regarding her choice of clothes.

Zainab, being a Muslim from a traditional Muslim home, was wearing a Hijab which is a headscarf worn by Muslim women throughout the world. The Hijab is a unique scarf that Muslim women start wearing from childhood to signify purity and respect for the tradition.

According to Zainab, the judges questioned her if she will ever remove her Hijab during the competition if she qualifies to which she disagreed.

“Just a few days ago I decided to try my luck on one of the most popular reality Tv shows in Ghana. Ghana’s Most Beautiful, I know it’s a good opportunity for anyone who wanted to make an impact in their community to sell themselves and open great doors of sponsorship for them in their future activities…” Zainab narrated.

Zainab continued to narrate that the judges went as far as asking her if she bathed in her Hijab when she refused to remove it. As a result, Zainab was disqualified from partaking in ongoing Ghana’s Most Beautiful beauty pageant auditions.

Following sharing her bitter experience, a number of ladies reached out to share related experiences of losing Job opportunities for just for the simple fact of wearing a Hijab.

See Zainab’s post below:

Most Beautiful

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