Tyrese says he wants to sit down with Dwayne Johnson

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Tyrese and Rockson

Tyrese admits that he was unprofessional with how he handled the situation.

Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had a public falling out after The Fate of the Furious hit theaters. Johnson, who has become one of the most marketable faces in Hollywood, was granted his own spin-off film set within the Furious universe. Ever since Marvel Studios took over the world with their Cinematic Universe, every other studio is rushing to do the same. Johnson was the most obvious candidate to get his own film, since the wrestler turned actor pushes out a catalog of films every year. Tyrese felt some type of way about Johnson being offered his own film though, and began to attack his co-star in the media.Tyrese claimed that Johnson was ruining the family vibe that has been a mainstay in the Furious franchise since it was created. The two men have been embroiled in a feud ever since, with Johnson taking the high road and barely responding to Tyrese publicly. TMZ has acquired a snippet from Tyrese‘s upcoming interview on The Red Pill podcast, and the actor admits that he went too far with how he handled the situation.

In the clip, Tyrese reveals that he and Johnson need to have a sit-down, and that they have not spoken since the feud began. The singer does state that he has spoken with Johnson‘s producing partner, but not with The Rock himself. He also indicates that other people in the Furious camp weren’t very pleased with Johnson’s spin-off film, but he was the one to air out the grievances publicly, which he admits was unprofessional.

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