Upcoming Musicians Who Emulates Ebony Reigns Style Of Music Will Make Her Legacy Stay Till Eternity-Starboy Kwarteng

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Starboy Kwarteng
Starboy Kwarteng and Ebony

Mr. Opoku Kwarteng popularly known as Starboy Kwarteng and also the father of the late Ebony Reigns is urging every up and coming musician, being it a male or female to go ahead and emulate his daugther style of music if they want to because that will make her legacy stay till eternity.

Speaking on Kingdomplusfm 101.9mhz monitored by goonlinegh.com, Mr. Opoku Kwarteng made it clear that he does not have problem with the up and coming artist who want to imitate or who are already imitating her queen Ebony. But the artist must open up that he/she was inspired by the late Ebony Reigns.

According to Mr. Opoku Kwarteng, no one can be like her daughter becuase Ebony Reigns is Ebony Reigns and he believes that Ebony can’t also be somebody else because on this earth no one can be like someone else but people can imitate someone which might make them to be like  the person being imitated.

If you think she is you mentor or if you want to learn her style, so be it but come out. Don’t prentend as if you are doing your own thing of which people have seen you imitating Someone.

One thing i like about iona was that, she admitted that indeed she had her inspirations from Ebony.

He continued by saying,

Musicians imitating Ebony Style of music does not disturb me one bit because, my daughter came to do something no one has done before in this our country take it or leave it and up and coming musicians emulating her will keep that legacy. Even if you are a male and you want to imitate her, you can go ahead. But admit it that you are copying Ebony’s style.


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