I Used To Be Feminist; Most Feminists Are Hypocrites – Dj Cuppy

Dj Cuppy
Dj Cuppy

Dj and daughter of a billionaire, Dj Cuppy has revealed in an interview that she used to be a feminist but stopped being one and she explained the reason behind her change in mind set.

It is assumed most female celebrities become feminists when they suffer from series of broken hearts just to be hard on men, some on the other hand don’t practice what they preach as feminists, and others don’t know anything about feminism but just follow the crowd.

Dj Cuppy
Dj Cuppy

Talking of feminism, you can mention one female celebrity in Ghana who has taken feminism to the top with lots of enthusiasm, Lydia Forson, and Dj Cuppy who is a Nigerian, was a feminist but has had a change in mind.

In an interview with CITI Fm in Nigeria, the Dj said she used to consider herself a feminist until she realized she didn’t understand. According to her many who claim they are feminists themselves practice the opposite behind their doors.

“I used to be a feminist until I realized that I didn’t really understand it. I don’t like people that are hypocrites, people that are out there speaking about women rights but are behind closed doors doing crazy things”, she said.

She added that women will always find themselves in male dominated industries and that shouldn’t make them sour, hence she has come to accept the reason why men are going to be better than them.

Though feminism seems to address the issue raised by Dj Cuppy, she revealed that feminism is not going to solve it.

NB: According to google, feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes

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