Van Vicker replies Sunsum over his disrespect comment

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Van Vicker

Kumawood actor, Sunsum has vowed not to cross path with actor, Van Vicker after he refused to shake hands with him in public.

In an earlier post by, Sunsum who lamented on Delay’s show said, Van Vicker disrespected him when he met him for the first time and has since decided not cross path with him again.

“I met Van Vicker and some other people. I raised my hand to shake everybody present and when it got to Van Vicker’s turn, he decided not to shake my palm but rather give me a fist;something I saw as discriminatory and disrespectful. Since then I’ve decided not to cross paths with him.” He said.

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“No Comment” He stated simply

Van Vicker might have seen the accusation not necessary and not trying to give Sunsum attention or better still showing his “disrespect” attitude to Sunsum as Sunsum indicated that Van Vicker did what he did on purpose.

This hasn’t been the first accusation made by Actors speaking twi in their movies but numerous accusations have been made by actors like LilWin, Kwaku Menu and more.

Sunsum cautioned colleagues in the English speaking industry to be careful of the treatment meted out to their kumawood colleagues because they have sustained the movie industry to where it is today.

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