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Victor Ad

Nigerian Afro artist Victor Ad most recently won the hearts of a lot of Africans with his latest track “Wetin we gain” which has somehow remained trending for a while now.

Victor Adere is a South southern who started music at the age of six, at some point in his life saved up 5 Naira to buy a drum which fueled his passion for music, got paid by his classmates to sing and led a band in Warri. Still on the journey to be a well-recognised artist, Victor AD officially started music in 2014, has about 4 songs out and is just dropped the long-anticipated video of “wetin we gain”.

What was the inspiration behind “wetin we gain”?

That was just Victor being fed up with the continuous hustle and bustle of our everyday life with no go result afterwards. If you listen to the lyrics closely, you’d understand that the song is about someone who is hungry for success.

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What’s your major challenge in music?

These days you get to realize that if you do not follow trends, no one accepts your sound. So, it’s just about people accepting my sound. That is my struggle because I like to be different, I like to be the only white ball in midst of ten coloured balls. People tend to go with the majority these days.

Victor AD – Wetin We Gain (Official Video)

If you had to stop doing music, what would you do?

Before I started music, I was into fashion, I owned a mobile boutique. I love fashion, so I guess if I am not doing music, I’d be in fashion.

Are you an independent artist?

No, I am not an independent artist, I was signed into Etins records a few weeks ago.

Who inspires you in the Nigerian music industry?

I’m inspired by everybody doing good music with no one in particular. I am a big fan of good music, whether you are an A-list artist or a roadside singer, I am a fan and I love African sound.

How would you categorically describe your music?

I just got a new name for myself, my friends are like “Victor AD be giving us the motivational sound” #laughs. But I do Afro music.

What is the future of music for you like?

The video for “wetin we gain” just dropped and it is doing great, It is not your regular kind of video and it was directed by Dindu. The concept is just everything you can think of, the feedback has been overwhelming and I bless God. And expect more music from Victor AD, good music.

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