Victoria Hamah proposes a brilliant idea for all Prostitutes in Ghana

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In Ghana, it is against the laws for anyone to engage in prostitution. With this, prostitution is criminal and anyone who engages in the act can be jailed according to the laws of the country.

However, it is an open secret that there are a lot of prostitution joints in the country where people engage in the act without fear.

The Ghana Police Service has on several occasions organized swoops and arrested some of these prostitutes from their hideouts. Some have been made to face the laws whilst others (foreigners) have been repatriated but that has not stopped the act.

Over the years, some Ghanaians have proposed that prostitution should be decriminalized to enable people who are interested to openly practice the trade without any fears.

With this, it will avoid prostitutes always running away from the police when they indeed need money for their business. It will also help the country generate revenue from them by making them pay taxes.


This is a proposal being made by the former Deputy Minister for Communication Victoria Lakshmi Hamah. She believes it is about time the lawmakers begin thinking about considering the legalization of prostitution.

The human rights activist refused to make her intentions for making the post known to her followers but the obvious reason could be that prostitution is no more a secret in Ghana. In Takoradi for instance, most of them particularly foreigners are seen at the Shippers round about plying their trade without fear. Some men also approach them and pay a fee for a good time together.

The same is in the Greater Accra Region and other parts of the country. So almost everybody is aware of their existence and legalizing their business might not be anything new. If it’s legalized, it can be regulated and be made more secure.

But do you think we should consider this proposal by Victoria Lakshmi Hamah? Our traditional setting frowns on such acts and traditional authorities, pastors, and many others might block such a proposal as they did to the LGBTQI+. Again, most young Ghanaian females might consider it as an avenue to making money and may venture into it.

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