(VIDEO): Bride Escapes And Refuses To Kiss Groom At Their Wedding Ceremony

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A bride has ruined what should’ve been a happy moment for herself and her husband in the midst of family and friends.

Aside from food and refreshments, Kiss, The Bride moment is one thing wedding guests look out for when honoring wedding invitations.

At a recently organized wedding ceremony in Accra, the guests were left disappointed by how the bride behaved towards her newly married husband.

The bride managed to turn the happy moment into a sad one for her husband when she refused to kiss him.

Not even the persistence of the husband would make her have a change of mind as all attempts by the man to steal a kiss from her proved futile.

Footages from the wedding show how sad the married man’s face looked when the wife shamed him with this act.

Watch full video here

But what would prevent a bride from demonstrating her love through kissing her groom on their very on day? Some people can attribute this to shyness but how true is that?

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