VIDEO: Groom Attends Wedding In Grand Style: Calls For Applause

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There was drama in a wedding after the groom turned up drunk like a skunk and embarrassed his family.

The young man reportedly spent the night in a bachelor party drinking himself to a stupor and when the big day came, he staggered on the aisle while making the lifetime vow.

The drunk groom had a hard time signing the legal documents and putting the ring on the bride’s finger but he is lucky since he had a very supportive best man.

The video has elicited reactions among Netizens, with many people praising the best man for covering the groom’s shame.

“Guy holding groom is the true definition of “Bro Code” a Twitter user reacted.

“He won’t have trouble arguing when he files for divorce…He will just say he was under duress when he made the vows,” another Twitter user opined.

Check out the video below

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