Video: Kalybos and Comedienne Jacinta video leaked

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Kalybos born Richard Asante who was on Celebrity Ride with Zionfelix denied ever dating comedienne Jacinta when he was asked by the host if rumours that he dated her was true.

Kalybos vehemently denied ever dating Jacinta and said that she’s only friends with her and have had nothing to do with her in the past. Moments after his interview popped on the internet, leaked a video of him kissing the girl’s lips like Ice cream has popped up on the internet, which goes to prove that, he had something to do with her in the past.

As to why, he denied ever dating her, only he can explain to us. The poor girl who was shocked that her ex-boyfriend denied ever dating her, considering all they have done as lovers.

Well, two comedians banging each other out and things didn’t work out which is normal but as to why one would deny ever dating one in an interview, proves a lot. Maybe, Kalybos just wanted to use her as ‘chopping stick’ then. What’s the shame in admitting that, you ever dated someone before?

Watch the exclusive video of Kalybos kissing her and also listen to the audio or Jacinta narrating her ordeal in the video attached below:

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