(VIDEO) Kantanka is god of Africans; All Pastors Serve Him — Herbalist on Revelations

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A Herbalist by name Supreme Herbal god has declared Apostle Safo Kantanka as the divine entity Africans must worship, not any other foreign.

To him, the many pastors and churches in Ghana are working for Apostle Safo Kantanka.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on GHOne TV’s Revelations Show with hoet, Lady Rev Maame Grace, Supreme Herbal said that, all nations have their gods of worship and whom they pray to, and just as Moses was able to use a rod of God to divide the ocean, Apostle Safo Kantanka was also able to call fishes to appear in empty waters.

Describing Supreme Herbalist, Maame Grace said he is a man who was borned with his hair already dreadlocked.

“Kantanka is Ghana’s god. I always get up from my seat when I mention his name because he is a god. ” — Supreme Herbalist told Maame Grace.

This acclamation adds to a many pronouncements by powerful spiritualists including the Mystic Twins and Quotation Master who have also openly spoken about the exceptional spiritual authority of Apostle Safo Kantanka.

Ghana has recently witnessed controversial talks by spiritually woke mediums and priests, who continue to speak against the Christian worship as taught by the colonialists. But does the truth of salvation not ly in the blood of Christ? For the Bible once talked about several false witnesses in the last days, is this what we are seeing?

Watch the video for more:

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