Video: Model Teeder Bliss takes off her dress showing her things just for movie auditions

Teeder Bliss, Teeder
Teeder Bliss

Akosua Stephy aka Teeder Bliss was yesterday asked to take off her dress in an audition for a role in a new movie.

In a new video on Social media, Teeder Bliss is asked to take off her top, as she imagines she’s been given such a role to play in a movie where the scene requires that she does that.

In her quest to win the hearts of those auditioning her which includes Xandy Kamel, she takes off her top and all of her ‘melons’ is clearly seen, then she’s asked to also show her bu**.

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Trending Video: @teeder_bliss takes off her dress showing a oranges just for auditions for a movie

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