VIDEO: Obinim Reveals He Hanged Out With Adam And Eve

Bishop Daniel Obinim

From a prophet to a vlogger, Bishop Daniel Obinim seems to be delighted in providing daily contents for his YouTube channel as it fetches him some coins online – I am forced to believe.

It is never surprising until you hear a man of God who claims to be an Angel failing to fly and vanish at church bragging about hanging out with ‘Yesu’.

Obinim regularly throws around statements that would get him committed to an insane asylum in a country which takes its mental health seriously but this is Ghana, so he’s a revered preacher with thousands of followers instead.

Obinim’s latest crazy utterance is in reference to Adam and Eve, the supposed first couple in the Bible. According to the outspoken man of God, he knows Adam and Eve and that Jesus took him to the spiritual realms and showed him Adam, Eve, Abraham and Moses.

The TV host who could not believe his ears and doubted the man of God’s pronouncement quizzed the ‘Angel’ by stating that  You are saying this on a live TV, people are watching.

Bishop Obinim emphatically repeated his statement, “the Adam and Eve that God created and died a long time. I saw them. I know Adam and Eve. Jesus Christ took me to the spiritual realms to Show me Adam, Eve, Abraham and even Moses. I know…” 

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