Video: Shatta Wale Posts Video Of A Slay Queen Mouthing His ‘PEN’ & That Of A Friend

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Shatta Wale

Ever since Shatta Wale left Michy, he’s had the liberty to bring any woman he wants to his house.

The other time, it was about him mouthing one old woman in public and now there’s a new video of him being given a B.J right in his home.

The dancehall artiste is enjoying himself and in a new video, he posted on Snapchat, a girl who could best pass out as a prostitute is seen giving him and a friend of his a B.J.


Shatta Wale minutes after realizing he f up by posting such a video on Snapchat, deleted it but it had already been captured by the internet—The internet never forgets.

Shatta Wale’s voice is heard in the background, excited about the pleasure he’s getting and is heard saying;

“Oh I like this one, oh yeah”

Not that we are moral gods and we don’t do any of that, but for a musician of his caliber, one wouldn’t expect him to share something like that to the public.


Anyways, that’s Shatta Wale for you. To see the video, click on the link (Video) and like the page then send a message and the video will be delivered exclusively to you.

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